April 24, 2018

young songwriters workshop


YSW ’18

Mon-Fri June 25-29, Noon-3:00 pm @ Buck’s Backyard (1750 S. FM 1626, Buda, TX 78610)

For more information or registration, visit yswinfo.weebly.com.

Live Performance by Young Songwriters is part of the lineup for Day 2 of BIGFest Sat. June 30 at Buck’s Backyard, and will be broadcast live by Radio Free Texas!

Daily Schedule:
12:00-1:00~Guest artists introduce themselves, play a song or two, talk about their own processes for songwriting. Young songwriters are encouraged to ask questions and interact with guest artists during this time.

1:00-2:15~Break into individual or small groups to work on new original material or edit previously written originals; guest artists and CTWP teacher consultants will work with young songwriters individually or in small groups to help craft chord progressions, rhyme schemes, or anything else that could use, to quote Kent Finlay, “5 more minutes” of work to make it just right!

2:15-2:50~Regroup, workshop material with other young songwriters, guest artists, CTWP TCs.

2:50-3:00~Break down, pack up, load out.


Central Texas Writing Project & Cheatham Street Music Foundation partnered to pilot the first Young Songwriters’ Camp at Cheatham’s Woodshed Studios in 2012.  Following the death of Kent Finlay–the godfather of Texas music–we rebooted camp and moved it into the hallowed halls of Cheatham Street Warehouse for YSWC ’15.

In 2016 we changed our acronym to YSW (Young Songwriters’ Workshop); more importantly, we were given a great big show of support from BIGFest, and our young songwriters were among the scheduled acts for Saturday’s day of music.  To our great delight, that show of support has been granted again for YSW/BIGFest ’18!

Now, due to issues beyond our control, BIGFest and YSW have relocated this summer from Cheatham St. Warehouse to Buck’s Backyard. The venue is new, but YSW is the same great program it’s been from its inception in ’12…and because the festival/benefit concert* will be covered by Radio Free Texas, our young songwriters will have the opportunity to play their original music for live audiences on stage at Buck’s Backyard AND via live internet radio broadcast! Capping the week with this live performance allows us to spend a week with your young songwriter(s) as they workshop their original music through every stage of the writing process. Central Texas Writing Project and the Cheatham Street Music Foundation are proud to continue hosting this annual event that seeks out and develops young songwriting talent from across the Hill Country!!!

BIGFest 2018 will be held Fri/Sat June 29-30  & Sun July 1 @ Buck’s Backyard (1750 S. FM 1626, Buda, TX, 78610)

*ALL proceeds from BIGFest 2018 benefit School Fuel in San Marcos, TX. For more information about School Fuel, please visit www.schoolfuelsanmarcos.org